Better component graphics (options)

Looking for larger LED's.  So an option in the LED window that allows for '3mm, 5mm and 10mm' would be helpful.


Linear Actuator (or as an option with either a motor or stepper)

Better graphic for a Stepper Motor so you can see it go around.  Current all options are HARD to see if they are turning, most-of-all the motor with the brass gear.

LED could use more contrast.  Can't see really well with an LED is turned on, the graphic shade is nearly the same color on my stock Dell laptop.

Other Arduino boards.  The Nano and Micro are popular and often used board. With for your software I grabbed someone else's Circuit with a Micro board and emptied it out fto make it a 'Template' in my Circuits.

Some have access to a yellow center 3-blade fan.  Why not all of us? (this goes with the 'Easier to see motor rotating/spinning' request.)

Support for more Libraries.  The 'Time' library has been out for some time now and is heavily used. 

On both Relay's can the schematic be made larger/darker to more easily be readable/seen?  One has to zoom way in to it to be able to wire it.

Same idea goes for items like the button, what is it pinout.  It's not locked in my memory, so I have to put a multimeter to it each time along with power to figure it out when needed.


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