uploading, potential for ease of use

it would be cool to be able to upload a design form the 3d design part of tinkercad into this new codeblock part of tinkercad to be able to see the old designs in the codeblock format it would save time in updating the old designs if you could visually see the steps taken to put it together 

also if we could still drag in the shapes like the older version and work with the parts as if the code block wasnt their but the codeblocks pop up as you click and drag shapes around and resize .ect... similar to how the circuit builder works (how you can drag the blocks and the text shows up next to it automatically)

i have only been playing with the new codeblocks for a few minutes now but i see it will be very useful as the designs get bigger to be able to look back at the design to see the steps taken on the build....

tinkercad is one of my favorite passtimes thanks to everyone who has put the time into this and i am excited to see what comes next  


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