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I and my students have such a hard time aligning holes to say other holes (of different diameters).  So many of the times when you want to use cylinders or holes you want them to snap to the center and not an edge.  When 3D printing holes many times you have to tweak their diameter.  For example 3.1mm.  When you change it's diameter two sides of the hole move and it is no longer aligned with what ever that hole was supposed to be aligned with in the first place.  I think it is absurd to teach my students to click on one corner and increase the diameter by half the amount then click on the opposite corner and increase it's diameter by the remaining half so the part's center does not move.

An example is creating a hallow box with screw holes in the 4 corners and then creating a lid that screws down.  You have clearance holes in the lid and tap sized holes in the box.  One simple way to create the lid is to duplicate the box.  Raise it up in the air.  Ungroup it.  Remove the center cutout.  change the height to the desired thickness of the lid and then regroup the holes and lid.  Now you know all the holes in the lid are lined up with the holes in the box.  However when you resize the lid holes to become clearance holes it is very hard to keep them still aligned with the holes in the box.

A simple feature for all objects (circles, squares, groups...) would be to have a checkbox for that feature to "snap to center" so then whenever moving or resizing the object it will be based on the objects center and not on one of it's edges.

A possible different feature,but would help in many of the same situations, is to have the cylinder have a diameter property like the box has length, width, and height.  This would allow a user to change the diameter property and the object would resize about it's center and not one of it's edges. 

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