Base angle wheel on zoom not part size

One of the most annoying function of Tinkercad is that the wheel to set the angle of an item is based on the size of the part, not the zoom of the screen.  Many times I'll have a large part but need to zoom in to be able to make sure that the angle is set properly.  More often than not, that means that the edges of the wheel are outside of the window and therefore are inaccessible. The wheel should be sized to the window, not the part, so that the wheel is always accessible. I've also noticed that very often the number box where we can enter values manually is almost 75% farther from the wheel as the distance of the wheel to the object. Why is the text box so far out? It, too, is often out of sight when I'm zoomed in on a large part. Please set the angle adjustment wheel to the size of the *window*, not the size of the *part*.

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