Box is wrong size

I have a project with a Box. (https://www.tinkercad.com/things/7awxDzQjNaH-what-to-do-about-o/edit?sharecode=SKKX8OS7-L_k83a5p56d8hr1yEpdBMDfgyC45j5cRys=) When I select the box, the pull down menu says the box is 20x20x20. The rendered design is 20x20mm in the X-Y but the height/Z is only 4mm high.

The Length and Width dimensions are obviously in mm but what is the Height/Z-axis dimenstion? Is it in layers? A Height of 20 = 4mm translate to assuming a .2mm layer thickness. The STL file tinkercad generates doesn't seem to dependent on layer thickness when I adjust the layer thickness in Cura.


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