Need help getting holes to work(SOLVED)

Hello all,

I have been using Tinkercad for only a day or so, so I am quite new to using it, but, whenever I try to create a hole, as I am trying to make a double sided coin with deboss, and group it together, it doesn't show it. At all. Doesn't make even a dent in the object, and I have tried sinking the hole down, but doesn't want to work. I have even put in a ticket, and still nothing, so I was hoping to get quicker help on the forum... Does anyone have any idea on why this might be happening?

EDIT: Found out why. I guess that the TinkerCAD software doesn't like you namking holes any greater than 0, but less than 1. So, when I tried to group it, it would work for whatever reason, but put the hole at 1, then everything works fine afterward...


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