Google Login after G+ shutdown

I have a tinkercad account to which I "sign in using using social providers". I then click on the "Google+ Sign-In" button in order to sign in. Google Plus is shutting down soon and the info they sent me ( see: https://support.google.com/plus/answer/9217723#signin ) claims this button "will stop working by March 7th with intermittent failures starting January 28th" unless it is replaced by a "Google Sign in Button", which I assume you might need to take part in doing. I am sure other users besides myself use this method of sign in and we will lose access to all of our models unless we are able to continue to access our accounts.

Please note that I have two accounts on tinkercad, this Google Account sign-in one is my primary account which has most of my models and has a "nickname" of "Casey Nordell 281", but I also have a regular tinkercad account twhich I barely has anything in it). I am letting you know this to minimize confusion.

Can you confirm that the sign-in button for Google is indeed a "Google Account" button and not a "Google Plus" button? And if not that it will be changed before the G+ shutdown time? Thanks.


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