UNO timer 1 fast PWM

Dear Tinkercad developer,

First of all a big thank you for the Arduino UNO simulator and all available electronic components.

While I've read many users requesting extra components, personally I don't think this should be your first priority:

- sensors and most other electronic components can be simulated by using V and/or I sources.

- a rotary encoder can be simulated with 2 D type flip-flops.

- generated signals can be viewed in the oscilloscope or just LED's.

What I would like is you to concentrate on making the ATmega328 simulator fully work.

I found once again a problem with the timers, 16-bit TC1 in this case.

This code:

TCCR1A |= 0b00000010; //mode 14 fast PWM
TCCR1A |= (1<<COM1A1);

causes the simulator to block when any component e.g. oscilloscope, logic gate, or even a resistor, is connected to pin 9 (OC1A).

Please make the UNO (ATmega328) simulator 100% instruction proof.

Thank you and best wishes,



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