Any way to trim bits without using Hole?

I'm trying to find a way to remove pieces by just selecting the portion that needs deleting, without creating a Hole shape. What I'm attempting is basically a circle with a tapered neck below, with the neck being made from the Tube shape. I created the first circle and then found the radius and shape of the curve I wanted to join that head to the shoulders, for lack of a better term, by creating a circle with the tube with only about 1/4 of it serving as the neck. The problem comes where there is all the extra material from the "neck" circle, which I would like to be able to just select the parts of the circle not joining the head to the shoulders and trim them away. In the picture, I am basically looking to only keep the green part of the lower circle, and choose sections of that circle and perhaps the yellow overlap portion to remove. I took on class with AutoCad about 10 years ago and remember doing something like that, but this is a simpler program. Any way for this to get done? Thanks!

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