chagne Resistor name in Korean


First of all, your circuit service is very nice.

I am a high school physics teacher. 

So, I'm making arduino class using your circuit service in korean,

Most of them worked well. 

But, some of part was incorrect name in korean.

1. resistor. resistor is 저항 in school textbook. it's not 레지스터

2. potientialmeter. potentialmeter is 가변저항 in school textbook. 분압기 means volt divider in korean. But, it's not common expression in school.

please, consider my offer. 

my youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTcFDxjmY0AK43lMXIYfAnLD9eylAmdQO

and course moodle is https://moodle.bfstudy.net/


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