How to create a divider in the middle of a shape

I created a container that looks like this:

I want to subdivide the body of it into two sections like this:

Since I need the wall to stay entirely within the dimensions of the container (i.e. not stick out in the threads) the best thing I've been able to come up with is this:

1) duplicate the container

2) make one copy a hole

3) create a wall the height and width of my container, and center it along all three dimensions with my hole version of the container

4) join them

5) export the resulting piece (which looks like the third image below) into Cura

6) Use Cura's "split objects into parts" function to separate out the pieces that are outside the container

7) use Cura's Save As to save the remaining piece to a new STL

8) Import that STL back into TinkerCad

9) Center it along x and y, and align it to the top of my container in Z (since the divider is shorter by the thickness of the bottom)

10) group the two pieces

This seems like a very elaborate process though it does work. Is there a better/easier way I'm overlooking?



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