Making and using libraries

I have some Shape Generators that share common functions.  I would like to create a library and use it in my own shape generators.

In order to do this, do I have to publish it, even if I just want to use it myself?

In the Libraries tab, when I try to use the Find More button to see libraries, there is one additional Autodesk library (Canvas), and nothing in the User Libraries.

Would those User Libraries contain my own libraries, or any published by any user?  If the latter, is it empty because nobody has published a library?  (Seems unlikely...)

Thanks.  I have been reading the documentation at https://api.tinkercad.com/libraries/1QyQF3M4CQ3/0/docs/topic/The%20Autodesk%20Creative%20Platform%20Library%20Editor.html, but I am not finding what I need.

I don't mind publishing, but I would have to do more work to document, check errors, etc.  I would prefer to have a library that belongs to me, and that can be used by various Shape Generators that I write.  Can I do that?





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