Logging-in malarkey

Hello everyone!

What's going on with logging in - or am I doing something wrong...?

I can log in fine, but putting a tick in the "Keep me logged in" box doesn't work consistently: sometimes I go away from the PC for a few hours and when I come back and start to change whatever TinkerCAD model I had open before, it gives me the "Refresh" red button and I'm made to log in again. At other times, I can leave my PC alone (well, at least the logged-in TinkerCAD window) for a couple of days, and when I return to it, I can carry on moving stuff around without a problem. What's happening?

And why, once I'm logged in and want to come to this forum, do I get a "Log in" button in the top right corner - which, when clicked, brings me straight through to the forum without logging in?

Any ideas?




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