Skew Object Tool Handles

Seems like it might be a lot of math, but the skew handles in inkscape work quite nicely on a 2D object, if they could be emulated on a 3D object in tinkercad - that would be marvelous.
One would select the skew tool icon and the handles used for resizing would change shape or color and act to skew the shape, either on one plane or the other or the whole top, bottom or side - as would correlate to inkscape's tools.

If one could also modify the skew's pivot point, one could create a bevel on any plane surface without using another primitive to cut away at the other.
It should function on the entire selected part, not just on certain primitives (i.e. turning a cylinder into a cone, or a cube into a pyramid).
But should be able to skew those without tilting them - what ever the object.

Food for thought.
I'd appreciate it, I'm sure others would too. 


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