Refresh Display

I believe it would be good if there was a right-click menu option added to 3D designs displayed on the dashboard, which would allow a selected item to be redrawn (refreshed).

These designs are automatically refreshed when a design is edited. However, sometimes the editor crashes before the dashboard is refreshed - and although the design isn't lost, its design shown on the dashboard isn't updated and there is no way of forcing an update. Usually this can be fixed by re-editing the design and returning to the dashboard, however this doesn't always work.

An example is the following:

Dashboard: https://www.tinkercad.com/dashboard

Design: https://www.tinkercad.com/things/1hq6xSVevFP-rod-end-pillow/edit

Whilst in the editor the design is what is needed, on returning to the dashboard it doesn't update, and it would be nice to tickle the server from the dashboard to refresh the design.

This refresh option only needs to be added for any single design - it doesn't require an update for all designs (which would be expensive for CPU processing). It could potentially be added to the same right-click menu as duplicate/move to project.


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