Custom Components

I know this has been asked already, but I really wanted to stress this and ensure you guys see this is something we need. For me, the reason I need this is you guys are missing something that I need for a circuit; a latch gate. Sure, I can easily build one with transistors, however, if I need multiple of these latches, it will become increasingly harder to debug and work with. Honestly, at least make it so we can create new components USING existing ones. Like have a 'component editor' project, there be a special new component called "pin". We can label these pins and whatnot and use what circuits that exist in already. Then we press 'export'/'share'/whatever, and wallah; a custom component. It would be ungodly useful for complex systems. We could compact useful circuits into single components. Sure, it might not all that realistic in some situations, but it would help working on projects and reducing clutter.


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