Expand profile moderation capabilities

Children (and adults) sometimes make poor decisions with what they post online, which can present a positive learning opportunity for sure. However, as their teacher/moderator, I would still like the ability to manage their TinkerCad profiles in these ways…

For all my groups(classes), a single group(class), and for individual students, I would appreciate the ability to…

  • Turn off their ability to make any changes to their profile
  • Return profiles to their default/original settings
  • Remove profile images entirely leaving the default no image
  • Return nickname to the default, their original username; (can only be done individually and only if you remember what it was, correct?)
  • Clear out the “Little about you” field; (can only be done individually, correct?)
  • Disconnect them from 3rd party services

My 250 2nd-6th grade students and I really appreciate and enjoy TinkerCad, Thank you.

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