Shape generator/ metric gear defect

I'm just new in tinkercad but I like to find out if anybody has found the same defect in the shape of the metric gear as is being presented in the shape generator as a standard shape to be used.

If I pick the metric gear and place it in the workplane, I see a spike/triangle in between two gear teeth. The gear is now actually usesless unless I modify it myself. But this is a little tricky because of the curved plane between the teeth. If a gear is 3d printed like this it would be not okey. In the picture I included the defect is clearly present, marked with the arrow

Who can, within the tinkercad team, repear the metric gear, so it can be used as it is intended? Did anyone else found this defect, or has nobody ever experienced this with the metric gear? Does anyone have a clue how this is possible?

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