how to create a shape in tinkercad code blocks, then copy it and move it 2mm

I only recently started 3D modeling and like the fact that with code blocks I have the ability to fine tune the design by changing only certain parameters rather than deleting everything back to the point that needs changing and than rebuilding everything.

I looked through the forum but could not find anything related to what I want to do.

I have a base plate in a model that needs air vents spaced every 2mm. So my thought process was to code the first hollow block that cuts out the slot and than copying it and move it 2mm to the right and repeat.

As I said I just started with 3D modeling and I understand I can copy the object paste the now copied block into the next line of code, than add a move block and fill in the new parameters but there must be a way to repeat this step for x times without having to manually repeat this step.

If it is explained somewhere I didn't see it, so I hope some one could educate me on the automated steps.

Thanks in advance to a great community.


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