Build an 8 bit computer with Ben Eater

Hi. I've recently become very interested in a series of youtube tutorials by Ben Eater which detail how to build an 8-bit breadboard computer.


This seems like a very popular video series and has inspired many people eager to learn more about the fundamentals of computing and electronics. Planning to follow along and build this computer, I looked around for a virtual circuit simulator and came across Tinkercad Circuits, which I've been having a lot of fun with, re-learning electronics all over again.

I got as far as building the clock module:


before realising that some of the circuits that Ben is using in following videos are not supported in Tinkercad Circuits yet. Here's a couple so far which appear to be missing (I'm not great at electronics so I may have simply missed the fact that indeed these circuits are present, just under different names).

Octal bus transceiver - 74LS245
4-bit D-type registers - 74LS173A

The complete parts list is here:


I feel that having the full parts list available in Tinkercad Circuits would be brilliant, allowing people to follow along and build their own 8-bit breadboard computer with the aid of these videos and Circuits (I would dearly love to proceed with this tutorial series and finish the computer). 

Anyway, thanks very much for a fun and useful (and very slick) program. 



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