Add function - remove grouping history

Hi, I do complex modeling in tinkercad for 3D print and I came across an performance issue and I also found a solution for that.
When I combine and transform and cut combine hundreds of shapes it all hangs in the history of that one shape which at some point makes tinkercad to crush and unable to export the object even a single object has this issue and the only way arround is tu try and export it part by part and import it back without the history of the file. So my suggestion is can you add a function to "forget history/grouping" or make the object unable to "undo" and make it like a fresh new object ? This would decrease the resources needed to run the app and also reduce the server and bandwidth load. Would help to make the final model "clean" as a no history shape. There is no need to remeber 1000 steps and shapes back maybe you add a setup how many steps people want to have remembered for a single object I don´t mean the workspace transformation undo I mean add a button to remove the single object grouping history. :)  some of my models I have to open like on 10 times and not to mention countless crushes during work and unable to export.


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