Newbie--overlapping icons/trays

New user on an older laptop with Windows 7, using as far as I know latest version of Google Chrome, webGL is fully supported. Graphics card and its driver are a little iffy, might be part of the problem...but...


When I click on an object, it opens this floating tray that says "SHAPE", with "solid, hole, radius, length, width, height" sliders on it, the Inspector. The tray is overlapping some other icons "show all, group, ungroup, mirror" and "workplane" and "ruler" are overlapping "import" "export" and "send to". Is there some kind of setting either in Windows or Tinkercad itself that can be changed to have a view with tools where they're not overlapping each other? Could that just be maybe my jacked up graphics card?


Any help would be appreciated, thank you, glad to be here!


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