Arduino LED

Hello everyone! I was trying to do a program by lighting the led with a push button. I had already achieved this in the real world with my real-life Arduino Uno R3. What I noticed in the simulator is that the LED faded instead of going away instantly. I know it isn't my fault because I used the same program as the real-life Arduino and it did not fade as it did in the simulator. I also know it isn't my fault because I used the same hardware in the simulator ( wires, components) as in real life. Is there a setting to make that fade stop, because if there is not, I don't get the point because someone can't differentiate between having actually adding the fade to their program and not having the fade in their fade. If its a bug please fix it when you can, because the simulator would be perfect! It would be by far the best simulator out there. If somebody has the time, please respond to this question, and thank you in advance! 


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