Tinkercad Classroom Bug

We have been using the new Tinkercad Classroom feature this week in a workshop and it has been really easy to set up and use. However, we have noticed a bug that appears when a student logs in with the classroom code and their nickname. Once they login and create a new design there are tools missing from the toolbar - specifically the Align and Mirror tool disappear completely. The workaround we have found out through trial and error is to shutdown the browser and reopen it and immediately go to www.tinkercad.com without trying to rejoin the class - this seems to remember the cached login and allow the student back in and if they now go to create a new design the missing tools are reinstated. However, if they then exit the design and go back in to it again the tools are missing once more.

This looks like a bug only in the Tinkercad Classroom feature as if you login with a regular account (teacher account) all the tools are there as you would expect.

I hope that this bug can get fixed as the new Classrooms feature will make setting up and administering small group work much easier for our workshops.




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