Workspace question - positioning an object by x,y,z coordinates

I am a beginning user of tinkercad, and my goal is to create a small object which is composed of a number of adjacent "box" objects each of various dimensions and positions.

I am able to place a box on the workspace and see/edit it's dimensions, however, I cannot find a way to determine the current coordinates of the box (nor the coordinate space of the workspace, except for the grid size which I've chosen as 0.1mm as my intended object has dimensions which are all multiples of 0.1mm.) Without the ability to set/change a given object's coordinates, I am currently nudging each object (or object group) around with the arrow keys, which appears to move in steps of the grid size (however, I am not certain of this.)

If I could locate each elementary (box) object exactly in a coordinate space, then group the resulting objects and duplicate (step-and-repeat style), my project would be easily possible. As it is, with "duplicate" and "nudge" operations, I am uncertain that I am generating the desired resulting object exactly.

Thanks for any assistance/advice!


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