Need explicit (x,y,z) object positioning

I have completed my first project with Tinkercad (an electronic plastic fastener replica). This part is formed entirely from boxes of varying dimensions and positions.

The resulting 3D print had some near gaps between boxes, where I tried to arrange the boxes to be exactly adjacent but inadvertently left a gap. This is because I could only position boxes with arrow keys or mouse, without exact X,Y,Z coordinates on the workspace grid. I believe this would accommodate another type of request (moving an object around in the workspace) and might (with macros or other calculations) allow scaling of an object or intentional geometric distortion, without adding too much complexity to tinkercad.

My feature request is to add (at least as an option) x,y,z component location (expressed in mm, or whatever unit of measurement is used for dimensions, which are available to edit), and the ability to edit these values; this should extend to component groups as well (providing a single x,y,z coordinate for a reference point in a group.)

Thank you for an adequately useful online service - my first project (and my first attempt at 3D design) was successful enough that my fastener works (but is not as robust as it could be due to the near gaps in one dimension due to inexact step-and-repeat performed with arrow keys and visual inspection, rather than explicit x,y,z offsets.)


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