Community-based component building

I love the program but there are a lot of components out in the market that aren't represented in the components list, some of which are really kind of basic, like the Arduino Mega and Micro.  I found someone else's project that has a micro in it, and it works exactly like it should, but it's not available in my components.

Like many people, I'd like to have more components to use, but I think there's an untapped source of component generation - the community!  If people could submit components that they've built, you'd just need to make the appropriate graphic and confirm it works like it's supposed to.  I'd also bet companies like Adafruit and Sparkfun would make sure their components are perfectly represented in the component list, because it would drive more business to their site. 

To be clear, I'm not talking about 200 variations of a toggle switch, but being able to select a thumb joystick on a breakout board would be awesome.  I built one out of switches and rotary pots, and it would be great to say "take these components, group them, and call it a thumb joystick," and be able to have the community be able to use it.



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