Something Went Wrong

This morning after carrying out some moderate changes to an existing design, when I attempted to export to STL from the TinkerCAD design editor
it was met with an unexpected popup 'Something Went Wrong', which invited me to try again in a few minutes.

I waited about 5 minutes and re-entered the design where I attempted to export to STL again. Same result.

So instead of going into the designer, I clicked on the design thumbnail, which popped up a dialog showing various options relating to the design. I
selected 'Download' and was offered the choice of downloading to STL, OBJ or SVG. Selecting STL didn't cause the error, but I was then in a wait-forever
loop. I'm fairly used to this, it seems to be dependent on how busy the TC server is. However at 6am UK on Thursday morning this didn't seem entirely
reasonable - at later times in the day I can understand servers being busy with normal workload based upon regular office hours.

With respect to this server loading, obviously the server is doing the grunt work of converting a design to STL. Perfectly understandable, however I
wonder if the TinkerCAD design team had considered moving the grunt work to the client PC? I have bags of unused energy in my PC so changing
the paradigm from server to client wouldn't be an issue.

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