Need a save/restore button

I am choked. I was modifying a Codeblock of mine that is for making gears. I tried to undo an action, but then it removed an entire object that I had created, and NOW I CAN'T GET IT BACK because the auto-save function saved the deletion. WHAT the heck is wrong with you people that you make it auto-save?!!? The program you used to make codeblocks...does it auto-save? No, of course not.

Now, thanks to the fact that you think people are too stupid to click a save button (they aren't, by the way), I have a bunch of printed gears that I'll never be able to print matches for.

Add a new "advanced mode setting", where you have to click "Save" to make your work save. You know, like every other freaking software on the planet.

Not amused.


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