Reusing a Nickname


I set up my classes this morning. I inadvertently put two class rosters into one class. So, I deleted the 17 students and clicked to create a new class. My problem is the Nicknames. I was making things simple with their nicknames since I am teaching multiple classes. Apparently, once a nickname is given it cannot be reused even if the student was deleted. That's frustrating because now I will have one class with different nicknames from my other classes.

Example: Student name: Jane Doe   Nickname: janed19   (I was using their full first name, last initial and the year as the nickname)  I deleted Jane Doe from the wrong class list, went to go add her to the correct class and the nickname: janed19 cannot be used again.

It would be helpful if the student is deleted that the nickname be available again. So, is there a way to do that?

Thank you!

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