Attention! Tinkercad to limit access to the Shape Generator code editor for new users

Attention! Tinkercad to limit access to the Shape Generator code editor for new users

Over the past year, the Tinkercad team has been investing heavily in the Codeblocks workspace for computational modeling. Codeblocks has been built from the ground up to use Tinkercad's core geometry engine and has already proven to be a big hit with beginning coders. In the coming year, we'll see Codeblock's capabilities evolve, growing into the 'computational Shape' space currently filled by Shape Generators.

Unfortunately, as the audience for Tinkercad has grown and evolved, the Creative Platform, which Shape Generators are built upon, hasn't aged quite so well. As we launched the new Tinkercad modeler in 2016, it was already becoming obvious that maintaining Shape Generators was going to be a challenge going forward. Those of you who have struggled with us through that journey know that the road has been bumpy at best.

As we invest more effort into Codeblocks, we will begin to limit access to the the Shape Generator Code Editor to only those who have already created at least one Shape Generator. For those of you who have created Shapes for personal and community use, you will still be able to find, access and edit your parts as needed. We will be maintaining Shape Generators in this 'hybernation' state for as long as possible, but not indefinitely. 

As to the existing public collections of Shape Generators, they will remain accessible in the Shape Panel for as long as they are being used. We greatly appreciate the effort of everyone who has contributed and maintained Shapes Generators for public use. Their continued use in the classroom is a testament to their value in both design and learning. We encourage contributors to leave their Shapes accessible to the general public during the transition to allow teachers and student to use them in existing lessons.

In the coming months, you will see some changes in how to access your Shapes and the code editor. Our primary goal is to focus user's attention onto Codeblocks as Tinkercad's primary workspace for creating computational designs and, eventually, parameterized Shapes. Watch this space for updates.


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