Could we get an if-block?

Could we get an if-block added? I have built most of my CodeBlocks to have variables as "settings", such as hole sizes, dimensions, part-counts, etc. Sometimes I use a variable with a 0 or 1 in a "Repeat" block to simulate an if-statement, but it gets cumbersome. An if-block would facilitate much more dynamic CodeBlocks.

As a case study, I have a CodeBlock that creates gears. Some of the settings are the thickness of the gear, the number of teeth, and spoke style (filled, rectangle, or triangle). Being able to require a minimum/maximum tooth count would be handy. Being able to add a reinforcement ring around the spokes ONLY when the gear is over a certain size would be quite useful.

(Fail-safe check for exiting from a recursive routine would be invaluable!)


When CodeBlocks become shareable, I want mine to be easy to use and configure. Having an if-block would help out immensely. Cheers!


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