Request - Notes on Objects and Designs

         I know that this has been posted before but I really wanted to bring to attention how simple, easy, and useful this would be. It could just be one single button in the object menu or a little picture of a notepad in the bottom left corner. This would make me and many other users happy because it is very hard to memorize that you increased the size by 5mm which is 31.6% bigger or that this certain object is is the lid and that it had to be elongated by 2.5in. or 63.5mm so that the lid would properly fit the opening but that it still needs to be thicker without messing up the design on top. These are just a few cases and people (myself included) run into all kinds of these scenarios. This is an amazing 3D designer and some people only know how to use this one. I would definitely be more productive for design competitions and personal use if this simple feature was added.


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