Creating schematics for a project

For many years I used Autocad LT 2000 for schematics as the company I worked with used AutoCAD as the main design software. It worked very well, and after a while I had a collection of the  objects I needed. Now, partly retired I do not have access to the same software, and I miss it. A9CAD does not work as good as the LT2000, it miss some feautures. I am currently using KiCAD, a excellent tool for design of PCB and electronics, but not that good when I want to design a schematic for a vintage car, my boat project and similar. I assume those who tries to draw the schematics for their home, the solar panels, windmills and similar meet the same challenges. I have searched the web for options, but does not find a suitable package.

Could we have a schematics package or extension allowing us to draw simple schematics for home, cars/boats and similar also allowing us to share the schematics?


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