Turn off the sound

The "pop" sound effect is very annoying, for three reasons:

1. There is only one sound effect that signifies a single action (an object snapping into place). If there are sound indicators at all, then there should be multiple sounds for multiple meanings.

2. There is no way to turn it off. Sometimes I have music/video on in the background while I work, and the popping is not only interfering with the audio, but it is so unnecessarily loud that it distorts the speaker on my laptop. We need a way to either control the volume on the interface (and remember personal settings) or just have it turned off (and remember that, too).

3. If you insist on keeping the sound, then you should realise that sound *itself* is wrong. It should be a subtle "click", not a huge "pop". Pop means it came out. Click/Snap means it went in.

I am a programmer, professionally. This irks me every time I go into Codeblocks, and I feel it is a personal insult that another programmer would add something so annoying and unnecessary to a program.


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