Tinkercad circuits bug?

I am having a nightmare of a time designing a circuit.   While it's possible i'm doing something wrong, I really can't see any mistakes, and at this point in time, i'm leaning towards a bug.


This is the bug, and it appears on a few different IC's.   Right now, as you can see, the voltage at the pin is 2.16V, while maximum is VCC = 418mV.     I don't know if i'm just confused by this, or it's a real thing.   Is this telling me that the maximum this pin can see is 418mV?     This chip has an operating voltage of 2-6V.   I've gone over the datasheet a few times now,  and I can't see any mention of a limit that should get in my way(or any other limitations i'm encountering in tinkercad).   If I change the input voltage from 5V to 3.3V, the number changes to:


I don't know what this error is telling me?   Obviously, the pins can handle more than 309mV(it just told me it could handle 418 moments ago).   Why is this number changing?   I'm using voltage dividers to achieve the voltages it asks for, but when I start messing with resistor values, it throws a wrench in my whole project.    I don't remember dealing with this in digital logic class, and I feel like I shouldn't have to use so many voltage dividers.  



Also, my led's are giving me a similar error


Here you can see an LED (VCC = 5V) in series with a 1000kohm resistor.   Current should be 5mA, but for some reason, it says it's 55.3.   I can change the resistor value, and that value of 55.3 never changes. 

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