Light glove concept - connecting to arduino

I am designing a light glove with haptic/tactile functionality.  I have a mockup of the design/layout. All of these could be running through the Arduino Uno if that's possible.  Because this is a glove that will have some flexibility, I do not think a breadboard is possible.  This glove goes all the way up to elbow like a gauntlet.

This glove also has a particular choreographed light effect. There is a button (it may be too small ,need a wider button) on top of the knuckles. Both hands come together and pound like a fist bump motion, activating the knuckle button which sends a shockwave/ripple effect of lights from the wrist up to elbow.

I thought perhaps part of the lights could go into multiple pins. I usually use pin 6. I see some people use pin 2. 


This is all very new to me. Circuits and coding is not one of my skills. I'm a designer not an electrician.

I'd really appreciate a look at the circuits. I have them in a layout but for the most part are not connected.



I have attached a concept of the glove, and a circuit diagram with more detailed annotations on the functionality, also a whishlist annotation with features that I think would be cool. Below is the link to the tinker circuit layout


Circuit Diagram



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