Trouble Moving Objects

This is an odd thing, but I have trouble moving objects on one of the computers I use. I use Tinkercad on 2 computers... one at home, and one at work. My home is a PC desktop, 16GB RAM, fast fibre network, no problems with internet. I use Firefox, but the problem occurs in Chrome and Brave browsers as well.

Here's what's happening: I try to move an object, or group of objects, with my mouse and it simply doesn't respond. I can select them, then move them with my arrow keys. But they don't like to move with the mouse. They will move, but only after 4 or 5 attempts to drag them. And here;'s where it gets weird...

If I flip the Tinkercad workspace plane upside down (still on top, but the "Workplane" title is upside down), it all works fine. No problems with the mouse moving items.This behavior started a few weeks back. Didn't used to give me problems, but now it does.

Anyway, that's my workaround. No big deal, but I'm just curious as to whether anyone else has this problem.




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