Hole print advice

Hi, i am new to 3D printing, please excuse my nooby question, i am confused about the following though.

I am designing a screw on top for a container, it is a pyramid shape, i have the thread as a hole shape through the center of the pyramid (Goes to about the middle depth). 

The base of the pyramid (30mm x 30mm) will be 3mm above the level on the base plate. *I have initially put a small circular disk about 3mm high and 15mm wide around the hole. 

I assume that the print will create the threaded hole as it builds up, eventually covering the hole with the tip of the pyramid.

Will the circular disk around the hole cause a problem?
I.E Due to the bigger base of the pyramid it will be printing unsupported for the 15mm overlap

I plan to use PLA or PLA+, should i remove the circular disk to prevent possible sagging?

Thank you for any help and advice :-)



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