Boolean Merging not Working Properly

I am making a parabolic pyramid where the triangle faces are curved inward as a parabola. I used the Paraboloid figure and used two square holes to cut off almost all of the paraboloid to get rid of the curve. There is no visible curve. Then, I use some trigonometry to get the altitude of the triangular figures on the pyramid and get the angle I need to make the base of the parabola parallel to one triangular side of the pyramid. I then make the parabola a hole and duplicate it so there are 3 copies of it. I align each parabola to the pyramid's edge and group it one at a time. The result looks completely different than what it should look like. It has random lines going through it and has irregularities on the sides of the now parabolic pyramid. Why is this happening and how can I fix it? Thank you for your time.


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