Any plan for function block?

I'm a high school educator and this semester started using the TinkerCAD circuits simulation environment to for an introductory robotics course. It's been a really useful tool so far. In a perfect world, I'd like to teach with a primarily block-based coding for the first half of the class as many students have no CS background coming into the class; the blocks are really accessible to them, and this helps when there are many other new things to also be learning right at the start.

However, not being able to create functions with the blocks is the barrier; I think that's the only thing missing in blocks that I wish I had access to. Everything else can be used once we transition to text-based coding. Are there any plans to add functions to the blocks? Even if the functions didn't deal with parameters and return values it would still be pretty useful.

At any rate, thanks for the tool!



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