Aligning objects consistently in relation to another object

I am currently 3D modelling some polyhedral dice and had some difficulty with centering objects (numbers) on the faces of dice which are D8, D10, D12 and D20s. How do I center the numbers all the faces consistently? 

Everything went fine from D4 and D6, but once I got to the D8, it became difficult to "align" the numbers to the face of the die evenly between each face! It was easy with the D4 and D6 since when I selected the "dice" as an object, the border just included the face edges and I could align the font bang in the center and it was consistent each time between the face. Once I got to the D8 and above, I couldn't select JUST the face itself and when I selected the dice it selected a little "more" each time depending on where the face was (and how I rotated it) so when I try to center the numbers, I essentially have to eyeball it to get consistency. The image might be a better explanation!*



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