New feature - Cut and PASTE


    Thank you all for making and making Tinkercad available to all of us for free use, especially for the new generation.

    As we all know, CUT and PASTE is the most common useful tool in terms of increasing productivity, accuracy, for convenience, especially for the new generation.


   While CUT is currently available in Tinkercad using the "HOLE" shape (cube, cylinder), a feature to PASTE the said CUT part of the object would be really helpful !

   Further, combining CUT & PASTE into a SPLIT feature would be very convenient to all of us. This is one feature that lot of students ask me about.


   Since Tinkercad's CUT feature already identifies the part of the shape that needs to be deleted, placing the deleted/CUT shape back on the mat/screen would be easier to implement.


  Hope to see this feature soon in Tinkercad free version.



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