Tool enhancements in Tnker Circuits

I used Tinker CAD circuits to finish the semester in a University course on biomedical instrumentation.  Normally the students end the semester by building an Arduio based medical instrument (for real). Instead of in the lab, we did this virually with Tinker.  I found Tinker very usable and so did the students with a few notable exceptions. 

By the way emulation and simulation in the same package is hard to find in something that doesn't take 6 weeks to learn, this is no small accomplishment.

At any rate, we were using sin waves to simulate respiratory cycle,  however, the lowest frequency available was 1 Hz.  Could you make the signal generator go down to .1 Hz (at least)? 

Also, it would be very, very nice to have an arbitrary signal generator.  I realize this is a bigger ask but it would increase functionality markedly.  You can't include every sensor, but with an arbitrary signal generator you could simulate any sensor!  Not sure how you would 'load' it. You may not have or want the ability to upload things to Tinker but hey, I thought I would ask!

Second, is the scope module, most useful measurements with a scope involve two channels.  A second channel would be GREAT.

Finally, I had some questions about the tool,  where does it run?  Does the machine you are running on effect the performance.  We had so many seemingly arbitrary things that seemed to effect performance, it was difficult to determine what to do when you encountered a very slow simulation. Are there tricks to wiring the breadboard that improve the netlists?  Anyway, I really like the tool, I would like it more with these changes.

Patrick Wolf

Assocciate professore of BME

Duke University


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