Has anyone needed a DM9368 or equivalent? If so, any solution for that matter?

Hi all.

In order to show how address, data & control buses work for students, I have built a single 8-bit data, 2-bit address (4 possible storage places) discrete data circuit. It uses a DM9368 in multiplexed way to lii eight 7-segment digits showing data (two pairs) and address (four single) buses contents. The main difference from the DM9368 and the CD4511 is the inability the DM9368 has to show digits A, B (b), C, D (d)< E and F for binary codes 1010, 1011, 1100, 1101, 1110 and 1111. With any these input codes, the CD4511 gives a blank display. The DM9368 does not have internal latch to store data, so it has no terminals to clear or load it. Instead it offers BI (Blank Inhibit, clears all segments, instead of LT) and RBI/RBO (Ripple Blank In / Ripple Blank Out) features. I decided to let control bus with single LED's in order to avoid excessive digit reading. For these days with Distance Learning mode classes, I want to build the equivalent virtual sketch, but I'd rather use discrete IC's and 7-segment displays instead of an Arduino with LCD's showing messages related to buses contents. I actually considered using a MX7219 with an Arduino, but theMAX7219 is neither available. Any suggestions? Any solutions? Would you add the DM9368 by simply changing the CD4511 output? Thanks in advance.


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