Parametric Fractional Measurements

Hello Community,

This message is for the Devs. I'm a middle school teacher and I'm writing up a lesson to introduce my students to measurement by reverse engineering an item. The only problem is I've realized that although Tinkercad reduces some decimal entries to fractions you can't actually enter fractional inches into the ruler to specify a size. 

It seems like this would be an easy and useful feature addition to Tinkercad, especially as it's already converting to fractions for the display end of things.

The current situation where the ruler will accept an entry like "1/4" and then throw the "/4" away is in my opinion the WORST possible scenario because you see the item resize but don't necessarily realize it's made it 1 inch instead of 1/4 inch, so it has silently resized your shape incorrectly.

Also neat would be if  you enabled other arithmetic functions in the ruler. Multiplication, Addition, and Subtraction.

All these functions work when entering measurements into Inkscape.


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