Problems and suggestions

1. Measurements 

I wanted to make a design of a kitchen shelf using it's actual measurements but the only units available are mm, inches, and brick (Never heard of a measurement called "Brick"). Is Tinkercad only meant for making small designs like jewelries? If you were going to design a farm, you wouldn't use mm would you? You would use yards or kilometers. It would help if you could add some more measurement options rather than having only 3 available. 

2. Mouse Disadvantage

Also if you can maximize the zoom of the mouse so if you're making a big model then you can get a good view of your model. I would really appreciate if you can update Tinkercad and fix these problems so I can use Tinkercad more efficiently. 

3. Grid Size
The grid is another problem. Since it's maximum length and width is only 1k, we wouldn't be able to make big models or designs unless we didn't use their actual measurements but that's not a good idea. Perhaps you should extend the grid to at least 30k or 40k. 

I hope you can fix these problems. :)

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