Disappearing Objects

I was looking for some shape on TinkerCAD to fit my desires and I was just dragging random objects onto my grid to see if I could get the shape I wanted. So I dragged a shape onto the grid, but it simply didn't appear on the grid. I tried again and again, but I still didn't see a new object appear. Then I tried it with a different object, and still the same result. Note that these objects were all part of the category "Featured". However, when I tried to just place a shape from "Basic Shapes", it worked perfectly fine. So I kept on working on my project until just now, when I exported it as an STL. file to look at a preview. There, I saw all the missing objects I had seemingly placed. At this point I was beyond confused and I tried searching for the shapes (including dragging the dotted-line box around and clicking in the places where I thought the shapes were), reloading, and exiting the software but none of it worked. It would be quite inconvenient if I had just a bunch of random shapes floating around when I was done. Can someone please help?

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