Circuits digital IC MSI components

The Tinkercad Circuits app has been a great teaching resource during the pandemic, and I expect to keep using it afterwards!  For some introductory digital electronics work, filling in some gaps would help:

  • a comparator, such as the 74-85
  • a decoder, such as the 74-138
  • a priority encoder, such as the 74-148
  • a multiplexer, such as the 74-151 (and the 74-153)
  • the 74-112 (dual JKFF) is a bit easier to work with than the simpler 74-73
  • a basic register such as the 74-174 or 74-175
  • a universal shift register such as the 74-194
  • an up/down counter such s the 74-191 or 74-193

This would allow someone to get through the "MSI" part of an introductory course, before moving on to higher-level components.


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