General Question

I am brand new to CAD. I need to design basically a "box".Its called a color box / annealer used in Glass blowing to preheat glass to 900-1000 degrees Its made up of a series of refractory bricks, surrounded by insulated fiber board and a angle iron steel frame.. Two insulateddoors are in front. . Groves are cut into the refractory brick and wire elements are placed in and then directed out to a  electronic digital  pyrometer  and finally connected to s single phase 240 volt source. to provide both control for the heating up process

Question: Does Tinkercad allow me to generate both the images, layers and size/measurements  of material I need to manufacture or would a "different" CAD program be the way to go and learn. If so suggestions are appreciated. I am a poor artist so Autocad  for personal use is no longer available.

Any guidance/direction is appreciated


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